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Back from a break!

Awesome two weeks in Tampa, sun and 75° to 80° Fahrenheit every day. Spent lots of time on the driving range and my golf game will be better this summer. However, reality check, back in Canmore yesterday and it was – 28° degrees Celsius and there’s a foot of snow in my driveway.
Talk about culture shock, in those two short weeks I was away, the Middle East has erupted politically and, in many ways, the world has shifted on its axis. The ongoing instability is going to be a real geopolitical factor for many years. As you listen to the political pun dents on CNN, and other networks, no one can predict where these ongoing events will lead.
However, one thing is a given. The instability in these countries, all of whom are tied in some way to the oil industry, will result in a re-examination of the ongoing and often irrational opposition to the development of the oil sands in Alberta.
I have talked about how, in my view, the environmental movement and various lobby groups have blind-sided the industry and the governments over the expansion of the oil sands. I have also said in many of my presentations that we need to fight back and be less politically correct. Well, it’s happening!!
It did my heart good to read the Editorial in the Calgary Herald yesterday. Under the head line, “Oil’s well”, the author stated that the Province must do more to counter smears against oilsands. The editorial took a strong position that the industry has neglected to tell the real story of Alberta’s oilsands and failed to confidently play the secure-energy card, specifically as it relates to opposition from the United States.
It is Important to note that both the industry and prominent environmentalists are now coming to the table. Jeff Immelt is the CEO of GE Corp and the Herald noted that in his address at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce luncheon he stated; “You guys have a collective problem that you have done a terrible job of marketing the technology, and that is on you”. He stated that, “The fact that you’ve allowed yourself to be painted into this corner is ridiculous”. Awesome, this guy is calling a spade a spade.
The second important item in the editorial is the position taken by environmentalist and Greenpeace founder, Patrick Moore. I will talk more on this later in the week as Mr. Moore’s defence of the oilsands is an important breakthrough for common sense.
Right now, I have to go and shovel that foot of snow in my driveway.
TRASHED! How Political Garbage Made the United States Canada’s Largest Dump

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