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An Inconvenient Truth

I’ve been away from blogging for a while due to quite a bit of last-minute deadline craziness last week, preparing for you what I feel is an excellent June/July edition, with a feature cover story on the cement kiln alternative for waste residue disposal, and an article about Molok’s “deep collection” system based on my recent trip to Finland.
I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that this week three interesting things are happening (for me, anyway).
On Tuesday Ontario’s Environment Minister Laurel Broten is making a noonday announcement about environmental assessment reform at Queen’s Park. The annoucement is rumored to contain important information for the waste management busines, which has long complained that the EAA needs fixing. I’ll post a news item on Headline News just as soon as I learn the details. I might be able to attend in person, but failing that I’ll have one of our contributors or industry contacts give me all the info.
On Thursday I’m touring a new aluminum metal recycling plant in Brampton, which I’ll report on in detail in the August/September magazine edition. Since I’ll be on the outskirts of Toronto that day, I plan to head into the downtown core and catch the new documentary An Inconvenient Truth featuring former president-in-waiting Al Gore. Can you believe that in the entire Province of Ontario this important film is being shown on just ONE screen? (The Cumberland in downtown Toronto.) I mean, I don’t expect every intellectual doc to be shown up in Collingwood where I live, but this is just silly, showing such a heavily promoted movie in only one theatre!
Anyway, I’ll go watch it and report about it here. My June/July editorial, by the way, is about global warming “tipping points” and how the issue might impact the waste management and recycling industry.

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