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Americana and HazMat update

Just a note to readers who may be attending the Americana trade show and conference in Montreal (March 20-22). I have been designated as the official “waste management” media person for the event whcih, among other things, will involve me particpating in an end-of-conference wrap-up session with other journalists discussing topics raised at the conference. If you’re at the event, please drop by our trade show booth and speak with me or Publisher Brad O’Brien.
Three more things.
1. Here’s the list of article/topics for the upcoming February/March edition of Solid Waste & Recycling magazine:
• New Brunswick’s waste management system, showcasing Encorp Atlantic’s program and new technology for beverage containers. by Clarissa Morawski.
• Ontario’s new “Bag it Back” program for alcohol beverage containers. by Guy Crittenden.
• Tim Hortons new packaging recycling program. by Joanne St. Godard.
• Sidebar: RCO’s reusable shopping bag program. by Joanne St. Godard.
• Internet-based training. by Jayne Pilot.
• School recycling container program. by Donna Chamberlain (Chevy Lane Fabrications).
• Tetra Pak’s container lifecycle assessment (LCA). by Usman Valiante.
• Equipment profiles: transportation, MRFs, shredder technology, C&D waste.
2. I’ve copied below a list of articles/topics that will appear in the upcoming Spring edition of HazMat Management magazine — the companion magazine that I edit, which is now a quarterly publication. Watch for that edition, which I feel will be quite a good one (and will be the Show Issue for Americana). You can learn how to get on the mailing list for that magazine by visiting
3. I have also re-posted (further below) a Blog entry that I made late last year on the HazMat Management site updating readers about the coming changes and re-focus of that magazine. Since those Blog entries get “archived” quite fast (by month) I thought some of you might like to read that, if you missed it the first time.
HazMat Management magazine article Lineup:
• HazMat audits (cover story) — dangerous goods auditing for industrial facilities. by Chris Houschild (Vicinia Corporation)
• Toxic chemicals: Canada’s new plan to regulate toxic chemicals puts the onus on industry to prove that target compounds are safe. by Connie Vitello.
• Sidebar article on the science behind the new federal toxic chemical plan. by GlobalTox.
• The new PCB regulations. by Martin Hassenbach (Contech).
• Environmental technology issues. by John Nicholson.
• New product stewardship plan for fluorescent lights. by Joanne St. Godard.
• HazMat ER training exercise at Camp Borden. by Peter Knaack.
• New proposed brownfield remediation rules in Ontario. by Dianne Saxe.

Hello Everyone!
It’s great to be back!
After a hiatus of several years, I am now editing HazMat Management magazine again — a publication I got involved with at the start-up stage 16 years ago. Oh my god! Can it be 16 years already? I admit, it must be.
There have been changes recently within our company. Former editor Connie Vitello has moved on to freelance work, and our new publisher Brad O’Brien is handling advertising and business development. Connie has agreed to contribute to the magazine and will in fact write the cover story for the upcoming winter edtion. She’s writing a piece for us about that explosion and fire and evacuation of the EQ facility in the United States a few months back, and we welcome her continued voice in the magazine. Connie is also a new mother and is spending time with her family, and we want to encourage her in that endeavor as well as her ongoing journalism career.
I mentioned “winter edition.” Did you catch that? Yes, HazMat Management is going to be a quarterly magazine from now on. Fact is, we spoke to our customers and they told us that is basically where the market is. The Canadian market can support a four times per year product serving the HazMat topic, so we’re throttling back from the six times per year formula that worked well in the 1990s but doesn’t suit the new environment.
In addition to becoming a quartertly magazine, HazMat Management is going back to its roots. There was a time when we could cover all manner of issues — from drinking water quality to air monitoring and Kyoto compliance to energy efficiency. But, let’s face it, the business of environmental protection is very niche-oriented nowadays. We can’t be “all things to all people” and our business and government readership demands a focused magazine that specifically addresses targeted topics.
You’ll have to watch this space to learn more about what we have in store, but I’d like to at least to convey this much: In each edition of HazMat Management, readers can expect to see a sort of “shop floor” focus on the practical “how to” matters associated with the following subjects:
1) Emergency preparedness and response
2) Contaminated site cleanup and “brownfield” restoration
3) In-plant spills and cleanup, sorbents, etc.
4) Storage and Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) issues (placards, manifests, containers, etc.)
5) Above ground storage taks and USTs
6) Personal protective equipment (encapsulated suits, special gloves, boots, etc.)
7) Crisis communications
8) Confined space entry
9) Chemical waste treatment and disposal (sludges, still bottoms, liquid waste)
10) Pollution prevention and control
I think you get the basic picture of where we’re headed. You can expect to encounter some of the familiar voices you’ve come to know over the years, like legal expert Dianne Saxe and also the regulatory experts from Torys. John Nicholson will write about new techologies and strategies, and Dr. Ron Brecher will update you on toxics and risk assessment.
We’re going to stick with our knitting, and I dare say we may be the only “HazMat” publicaiton in North America now, with many “out of focus” enviro magazines having gone under in recent years.
So stay with us, embrace the changes, and enjoy the renewed “shop floor” magazine we’re abot to roll out at the end of December (our Annual Buyer’s Guide edition). And (by the way) if you’re in the business and would like to participate in the Buyer’s Guide or another edition, call Publisher Brad O’Brien at 1-888-702-1111, ext. 1.

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