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A very busy week ahead, and exciting!

We’re in full production with the December/January edition of Solid Waste & Recycling magazine and the Winter edition of HazMat Management magazine. The article lineups for both are really strong. In addition to a robust Brownfields Marketplace supplement in HazMat Management, the cover story for Solid Waste & Recycling is about the Ontario environment minister’s new discussion paper “Toward A Zero Waste Future” and this ties in well with related sidebars on product stewardship and EPR from BC, a new electronics program from Sony/GEEP and Alberta’s recent changes to its deposit-refund program (including placing milk containers on deposit). We’ve got a terrific article by the City of Guelph’s Phil Zigby on the collapsed market prices for recycled commodities and a related sidebar adapted from his AMRC presentation in Niagara-on-the-Lake this fall about materials that create problems for recycling plants (MRFs).
In addition to getting all that off to press, I’m going to attend two (count ‘em!) consultation meetings on Toward a Zero Waste Future and the five-year review of the Waste Diversion Act. The first is being conducted by Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment at the direct Energy Centre in Toronto – I will have to attend the Wednesday session (with municipalities and NGOs) rather than the Tuesday session (industry) due to some pretty bad snow and sleet expected in my area (Collingwood) and all points south. The second meeting is being held Friday by the Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy (CIELAP) and I look forward to meeting old friends at that session and making new acquaintances.
I’ll report back on this Blog early next week about some of what I learn and will likely be in a position to post (for downloading) some documents that I’ve been asked not to circulate until after the meetings.
I respectfully suggest to readers outside Ontario that this stuff is interesting to everyone, as the ideas being developed could apply anywhere and everywhere. Stay tuned!

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