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A couple of quick thoughts

I’m having the proverbial manic Monday but wanted to share a couple of quick thoughts.
First, I have a few things to say about the decision of SAQ’s chairman Raymond Boucher to step down, but they are based on second- and third-party hearsay, so I’m waiting to talk to our lawyer before prattling on about it here. (Not that it’s all THAT controversial, so don’t get your hopes up.) But I’d love to share the gossip and await the lawyer’s call with bated breath.
Second, I’m preparing my presentation on EPR and program fees, etc. for the upcoming conference next week in Calgary. I look forward to sharing insights gleaned from that conference with you here. I am also in possession of some documents that were sent to me that provide interesting cannon fodder for my presentation, which will involve at least some observations that we’re never going to have true EPR in Canada if the way in which information is collected and disseminated is manipulative and selective. I pity the policymakers who have to determine what’s the best program when so many reports are designed to mislead in the first place. More on that later!
As an aside, I am interested in traveling to Germany and viewing aspects of its Green Dot system, including its recycling and refilling/reuse operations. I have a couple of leads from people about how to get over there affordably, so hopefully I’ll be able to take the tour and report back to readers later this year.

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