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Bourbonnais steps down from Sanexen

MONTRÉAL – Kevin Bourbonnais will be stepping down as president of Sanexen Environmental Services Inc. and Logistec Environmental Services Inc.

Madeleine Paquin, president and CEO of Logistec will assume the role of president of Sanexen until a new leader is identified, while being backed by an experienced team of leaders who will be reporting directly to her.

Bourbonnais joined the Logistec family of companies in early 2018 when it acquired Houston, Texas-based Gulf Stream Marine, of which he was president.

In a statement the company said, “Despite the challenges we are all facing with COVID-19, Sanexen and Logistec Environmental have a busy year ahead, and an excellent growth plan for the coming years. We are poised to penetrate new markets in Québec and throughout North America, using our world-class expertise and truly innovative solutions to decontaminate lands and soils, and safeguard communities’ drinking water.”

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