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Barry re-elected as NRC chair

Des Moines, Iowa – The National Recycling Coalition (NRC) recently announced their 2019-2020 board of directors. Mick Barry, Mid America Recycling President, was re-elected NRC Chair during the first board meeting.

Barry has been actively involved in the recycling industry for 30 years. In addition to his recent re-election to the NRC BOD, he has served on:

  • National Recycling Coalition: BOD member (13 years), including vice president (3 years), treasurer (1 year), chair (1 year), and co-founder of the State Recycling Organization Council
  • Iowa Recycling Association: Co-founder in 1989, President (6 years) & BOD member (12 years)
  • Colorado Recycling Association: BOD member (6 years)
  • Puerto Rico Recycling Partnership: Member & Advisor
  • Iowa Legislature’s Committee: Updating Iowa’s Deposit Law Task Force
  • Iowa Governor’s Comprehensive Recycling Task Force
  • Iowa DED’s Infrastructure Strategy Task Force: Iowa’s Future Economy 2020
  • Iowa Governor’s Task Force: Incentives for expanding Iowa’s Recycling Industry
  • Iowa Governor’s and DED Task Force: Attracting new end-user manufacturers to Iowa
  • Iowa DNR Task Force: Landfill Compliance with Federal Law
  • Iowa DNR Task Force: Recycling Jobs Development
  • Colorado Governor’s Task Force: Recycling and Renewable Energy
  • Iowa State University Board: Associate Member

His involvement in various boards and task forces has given Barry an in-depth, comprehensive view of the recycling system over the past three decades.

“It is an honor to be re-elected Chairperson of the National Recycling Coalition’s Board of Directors,” says Barry.  “In the past year, the NRC has shown dynamic leadership to the recycling industry during the difficult times relating to global recycling and economic issues.  Moving forward, the NRC is poised to continue to be the leading voice for recycling nationally as we face the new recycling markets reality and find solutions to take us into the future.”

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