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AcuComm survey finds waste-to-energy dominated 2013

AcuComm Waste Futures has announced the results of its worldwide survey of waste plant developments.

AcuComm Waste Futures has announced the results of its worldwide survey of waste plant developments.

Some of the highlights from AuComm’s January 2014 edition of Rubbish RoundUp! include: 

• The total number of projects with identified value for 2013 was 1,447, with a total value of $87.1 million. 

• The US accounted for 295 projects in 2013. In value terms, the US accounted for $19 million in 2013. 

• The UK remains the major country for project value at US$24.7 million in 2013. 

• Waste-to-energy was the leading facility type in 2013, with 871 projects in total. WtE projects accounted for $65.7 million in 2013. 

“The Rubbish RoundUp! annual survey reflects the seriousness with which waste management is now being taken around the world,” said Eric Wigart, Chairman of AcuComm, in a January 2013 statement to media. “Even emerging economies are leaping the technology divide, often moving in one-step from uncontrolled landfill to advanced WtE and Biomass solutions. The trends are that waste generation will continue to grow globally and the prospects for continuing plant investment remain strong,” he added.

Rubbish RoundUp! provides a monthly ongoing analysis and detailed statistics for the latest projects by country, completion date, facility type and feedstock. A section on companies brings focus and rankings to company activity by facility type.  Finally, specific summaries are given for major projects reported.

 The information in the survey is aggregated from AcuComm’s leading Waste Business Finder database that reports all new significant waste developments worldwide – a unique source of primary research information.

 The survey is available for download in the upper right hand portion of the webpage.

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