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Waste Management Canada honoured for Hamilton landfill habitat project

Waste Management of Canada has been honoured by the Wildlife Habitat Council and Ducks Unlimited for its work on the Glanbrook waterfowl habitat project.

Waste Management of Canada has been honoured by the Wildlife Habitat Council and Ducks Unlimited for its work on the Glanbrook waterfowl habitat project.

The 2012 “Wings over Wetlands” award is for Waste Management Canada’s stewardship of the project based at the City of Hamilton’s 219-hectare Glanbrook landfill site. The annual award recognizes corporations that create and protect wetland habitat for waterfowl and other migratory birds.

“We are seeing species we hadn’t seen around there,” said Ron Wright, Waste Management’s manager of the Glanbrook facility, in a December 11, 2012 statement to media. “It is amazing how many types of waterfowl have showed up and in what volumes. It has certainly opened my eyes to what is possible for attracting species back to a landfill site.”

Waste Management says it began the Glanbrook waterfowl habitat project in 2009 when it partnered with the local conservation authority to determine the most effective types of bird houses and mallard tubes. Waste Management sponsored the construction of the bird houses and a local business, Woodburn Equestrian Stables, donated the installation work. Currently, there are 13 bluebird houses, four wood duck houses, three mallard tubes and a purple martin house on the property, with more to be placed in the spring of 2013.

Waste Management says the City of Hamilton deserves full accolades for allowing Waste Management to undertake the project.

“Working with both Waste Management and the Glanbrook Conservation Authority, we have a multi-year plan to attract all forms of wildlife back to this area,” said Rob Conley, supervisor of landfills for the City of Hamilton. “Wildlife uses the landfill buffer area as a safe haven. Both the City and Waste Management have seen all types of wildlife increase in the vicinity of the landfill in the past three years since our work began.”

As part of its operating contract with the City of Hamilton, Waste Management had previously obtained “Wildlife at Work” certification for the landfill site from the Wildlife Habitat Council. These certifications recognize outstanding native habitat management and environmental education programs developed through partnerships with local organizations.

The site was recently recertified for another three years. Waste Management is the only waste company in Canada to have all its landfills certified by the Wildlife Habitat Council.

The parent company, Waste Management Inc. has set a sustainability goal to win Wildlife Habitat Council certification for 100 sites and 25,000 acres by 2020. Waste Management has been recognized with prestigious awards from the Wildlife Habitat Council in the past.

The Wildlife Habitat Council is a non-profit, non-lobbying organization that brings together business and conservation through a focus on healthy ecosystems.


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