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Vieste plans to pump up Arizona’s recycling rate, boost WTE

Vieste wants to tackle waste, energy and recycling in one fell swoop.

Vieste wants to tackle waste, energy and recycling in one fell swoop.

A new plant being built on an existing landfill in Glendale, Arizona will process about 800 tonnes of waste and generate up to 53 megawatts of energy per day through pyrolytic gasification.

In addition, using large magnets, the Chicago-based company intends to search out recyclables on the six-acre site, where some two-thirds of Glendale’s waste will be diverted.

Vieste estimates that it will recover some 26,000 tonnes of recyclable products each year, more than double what the city recycles. Currently, Glendale only recycles items that residents place in recycling bins.

The City of Glendale will sell Vieste’s salvaged recyclables at a price of almost 7 cents per pound. Based on Vieste’s expectation for the amount of materials it can retrieve, the company stands to make more than $3.6 million each year.

Vieste has entered into a 30-year contract with the city for the lease of the landfill site for $100,000 per year.

The project involves an investment of approximately USD $110 million and will create about 50 jobs directly and indirectly.

Spanish sustainable development company Abengoa will undertake the design, construction and subsequent operation and maintenance of the facility for a period of 30 years.