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UPSTREAM forms national green advisory council

US-based green research, policy and educational organization UPSTREAM has added an advisory council.

US-based green research, policy and educational organization UPSTREAM has added an advisory council.

The council is comprised of thought leaders from across the US, willing to share expertise on areas such as climate disruption, resource depletion, plastic pollution and other environmental and social problems.

“We’re an organization with a significant vision and agenda,” announced Bill Sheehan, executive director of UPSTREAM. “The members of this Advisory Council will help us shape our organization in many different areas by sharing their professional expertise and passion for upstream solutions to waste.”

UPSTREAM develops policies and educational materials, and organizes key stakeholders to help public interest groups, government officials, leading companies and citizens advocate for producer responsibility initiatives – remaking the way the world makes products and uses materials through integrated policy, market, science, and grassroots strategies.

Advisory Council Members 
The initial members of the Advisory Council bring extensive and varied environmental experience to support UPSTREAM’s initiatives:
Brent Blackwelder (Washington, D.C.) is the retired President of Friends of the Earth and a founder of American Rivers, a top river-saving organization. As a leader in the effort to safeguard rivers, Brent helped expand the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System from eight rivers in 1973 to more than 250 today. On the economic front, he initiated campaigns to reform the World Bank and succeeded in getting Congress to enact a series of significant reforms directing the Bank to pay more attention to the environment.
Susan Clark (San Francisco) was Executive Director of Columbia Foundation from 1978 through 2013 and now is the Director of Programs for Gaia Fund.  She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, a Coro Foundation Fellow 1970-71, served in the Peace Corps in Venezuela from 1966-1968, and maintains an active interest in sustainable, organic food systems as well as backyard gardening.

Tamar Datan (Leesburg, VA) is the Executive Director of TrueSpark, a nonprofit that teaches character to kids and Principal of Tamar Datan Consulting, which specializes in philanthropic and non-profit consulting. Prior to launching her consulting practice, she served as Executive Vice President of the Amazon Conservation Team; Vice President of The Nature Conservancy and Director of its Compatible Ventures Group; and served as Venture Fund Officer with The Pew Charitable Trusts.

Kamal El-Wattar (San Francisco, CA) managed software localization companies for 17 years for clients such as HP, Microsoft, Nokia, Adobe, Medtronic, and Ford. While living in China, he came to understand the critical need for shared responsibility of our environment: between international consumers, developers, manufacturers, NGO’s and government. He co-leads the Kamanya Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting awareness about the interdependence of all life and helping people convert their personal values to immediate global positive solutions.

Jon Hinck (Portland, ME) is an environmentalist, lawyer and politician. His environmental affiliations include cofounding Greenpeace USA in 1979, Campaign Director at Greenpeace International, and staff attorney for the Natural Resources Council of Maine (NRCM), Maine’s leading environmental advocacy group. Between 2006 and 2012, Jon served in the Maine legislature as a State Representative, and in 2013 was elected At-Large City Councilor for Portland, Maine. At NRCM, Jon led a successful effort to enact the nation’s first manufacturer’s responsibility e-waste law and also worked to promote renewable energy, control mercury pollution and remove chemical hazards from Maine schools.

Hillary Husted (Seattle, WA) is a Creative Director and Graphic Designer who is passionate about sustainable design.  She has worked on projects for dozens of major brands and has held positions of creative director and senior graphic director for companies, including ACME Food Sales, Mariani Fruit Packing, Pura Vida Coffee, Nordstrom Advertising, and Services Group of America. 

Daniella Dimitrova Russo (San Francisco, CA) “Daniella Dimitrova Russo is the CEO of Think Beyond Plastic™, a global forum and business accelerator focused on disruptive innovation and entrepreneurial solutions to the plastic pollution crisis. Think Beyond Plastic is pioneering a global strategy focused on viable solutions that enable corporate responsibility and financial growth through market and policy instruments. She is the co-founder of Plastic Pollution Coalition.

Joan Benoit Samuelson (Freeport, ME) is an American marathon runner who won gold at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, the year that the women’s marathon was introduced. Currently, she is a consultant to Nike, Inc. and a clinician, conducting numerous running, health, and fitness clinics throughout the United States and the world. She serves as a board member to Friends of Casco Bay, a marine stewardship organization founded in 1989 to improve and protect the environmental health of Maine’s Casco Bay.

Wood Turner (Manchester, NH) is Stonyfield’s Vice President of Sustainability Innovation. Prior to his current position, Wood served as Executive Director of Climate Counts, a non-profit that scores companies annually on their commitment to addressing climate change in meaningful, measurable ways. Wood has helped companies realize value from their investments in sustainability and climate protection and has led a range of public and private brand-building and social marketing efforts.