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TerraCycle, Keurig team up for coffee pod recycling pilot

*Editor’s Note: TerraCycle is profiled in the cover story of the August/ September 2014 edition of Solid Waste and Recycling magazine.

*Editor’s Note: TerraCycle is profiled in the cover story of the August/ September 2014 edition of Solid Waste and Recycling magazine.

OfficeMax Grand & Toy has teamed with TerraCycle for a coffee pod recycling pilot project in southern Ontario.

The pilot project focuses on Keurig’s K-Cup Packs, small plastic pods filled with ground coffee that enable the convenience of making one quick cup of coffee.

Until now, the coffee pods have not been recyclable through retailers in Canada, but if the pilot program is successful it is expected to roll out nationally. 

“We launched this program based on the stakeholder feedback that we received from our associates, suppliers and customers who have identified waste and recycling as our most important sustainability issue,” said Serguei Tchertok, sustainability manager for OfficeMax Grand & Toy.

The coffee pod recycling system will come in three different sizes: small, medium and large. The cost of the boxes will be $52.99, $96.99, and $136.99, respectively. The price of the box includes the cost of recycling via TerraCycle and the prepaid shipping label. When the box is full, customers can ship the box directly to TerraCycle for processing. 

“TerraCycle is thrilled that OfficeMax Grand & Toy has partnered to launch Canada’s first K-Cup Packs retailer recycling program,” said Nina Purewal general manager of TerraCycle Canada. Their leadership in helping us eliminate waste speaks to their commitment to sustainability. We are excited to be able to offer a recycling solution to this waste steam to consumers.” 

For more information, or to purchase the recycling system, visit the OfficeMax Grand & Toy website.

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3 Comments » for TerraCycle, Keurig team up for coffee pod recycling pilot
  1. Lisa Diessel says:

    Hugely disappointed with your K-Cup incentive. Primarily the part where I have to pay! I have been working my butt off in an attempt to keep things out of the waste stream. I have been rewarded with a nominal amount of cash, which I can donate to charity. This is not MY waste… it is the waste of others, many of whom do not give a rat’s ass if this stuff ends up in the garbage or not.

    So now, I feel like I’m being told, “Thanks for your help… here’s your bill”. I already have enough financial burden attempting to keep a respectable home, and to provide for my family, while supporting some other global and/or charitable incentives.

    I was behind you guys 100% prior to this promotion. I hope you can come up with a better plan, one that lines up with your other collections. I get that this is an expense for Keurig, but perhaps that should be recognized by Keurig as part of doing business. I do NOT work for a wealthy company. I am a member of a school board, and I give enough effort trying to get a box of pencils for my students, let alone a box made for saving some garbage from a landfill.

    Thank you. Love you guys otherwise.

    Lisa Diessel
    Educator, Town of Bradford, Ontario

  2. Maria says:

    Are you out of your gourds? I was so excited to see there was a news post for k-cups. I have been waiting and looking for a K-cup brigade. I was like “finally , this is awesome!” until I read it and learned I need to pay for a special box. No thanks. And I don’t believe people will pay for this service. Seems like a money grab for Grand and Toy to me. The Keurig company needs to step up and support the reuse of their products waiste.

  3. Tamara says:

    Was impressed to finally see k cup recycling being offered, but quickly saddened by the cost factor. I guess my work/ household will not be participating.

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