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RIP BILL 91: Ontario election kills waste, recycling Bill

Ontario’s long-awaited Bill 91, the Waste Reduction Act2013, died on the legislative table at Queen’s Park when the provincial election was set for June 12, 2014.

Although years in the making, Bill 91 failed to find a consensus among major players in the waste and recycling industry.

Many stakeholders viewed the proposal as not going far enough to make industry foot the bill as stewards of its own waste, while others feared the Bill would drive away Ontario manufacturers to more leniently-regulated waste jurisdictions in the U.S. These arguments made Bill 91 one of the most hotly-debated Bills in the Legislature during the 40th session. However, following the 2013 December break, Bill 91 failed to return to the fray, at Queen’s Park, and was never addressed again.

The Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) has assembled a timeline of the Bill 91’s media coverage, and may be worth a look, as the Bill is bound to return in some new form sooner rather than later.

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1 Comment » for RIP BILL 91: Ontario election kills waste, recycling Bill
  1. John Cascadden says:

    Another Bill dies on the floor, and more money has been wasted because of the cost of the studies and effort that went into creating the Bill will not effect any change. There needs to be a process in our governments that actually holds such Bills to be reconsidered once an election is over. Why should our tax dollars be wasted in this manner. It is true that Bill 91 had its shortcomings and needed some tweaking, but what happens now? Will the next elected government immediately restart legislative initiatives to complete the efforts of those who went before, or will it take years to restart; only to die at the foot of the next election?

    Our governments need to learn to recycle and reuse its own pending legislative initiatives after an election has taken place. It is time to green-up the legislative processes!

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