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New steward looks to add choice to BC’s PPP

Everything about StewardChoice Enterprises Inc. is right there in its name. The company says it intends to release a draft stewardship plan for printed paper and packaging in June 2014, providing producers with “more choice” as Multi Material BC rolls out across the province.

The company, a subsidiary of Reclay StewardEdge, says it plans to capitalize on the service level gap that exists for multi-residential buildings, of which more than 20 per cent are not serviced by producer-funded recycling, the company says.

“We see this as an opportunity to provide producers with more choice while offering cost-effective solutions,” Neil Hastie, development director and spokesperson for StewardChoice Enterprises Inc., says in a statement. “We strongly believe that producers should have the ability to choose a preferred service when determining how to meet their regulatory obligations.”

Under the British Columbia Recycling Regulation, companies must now recover at least 75 per cent of packaging and printed paper (PPP) generated through households. To facilitate the change, Multi Material BC kicked off a PPP program across B.C., servicing some 1.25 million households in 88 communities, even developing a Multi-Family Building Collection Contract Transition Strategy. The program eventually started on May 19, 2014.

StewardChoice wants to add itself into the mix, potentially in response to the fact that many businesses across B.C. expressed concern and disappointment with some of the foundations of the MMBC program.

Guy Crittenden

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Next on its to-do list, StewardChoice says it will engage in public consultations for its PPP strategy before it’s sent to the B.C. government for approval. If successful, the company hopes to have the program up and running by 2015.

“We have two priorities at StewardChoice,” adds Hastie. “One is to provide solutions for producers to achieve their environmental goals in compliance with the Recycling Regulation and the other, is to offer a plan that will increase collection of packaging and printed paper waste generated in BC beginning with areas like multi-family buildings that are currently not receiving any producer funded recycling services.”

StewardChoice Enterprises Inc. is a subsidiary of Reclay StewardEdge, a North American leader providing packaging stewardship solutions to consumer product goods organizations. StewardChoice is based and managed in the province of BC.


Reclay StewardEdge (RSE) is a leading Canadian-based international stewardship organization that has extensive experience and expertise in sustainability, related to end-of-life management of packaging and products. RSE has provided stewardship solutions to numerous producers across Canada and in 2012, StewardEdge became a part of the Reclay Group enabling them to offer a broader suite of services internationally.