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MOTHER PARKERS: Coffee pod market explores recyclability

* Check out SWR Editor Guy Crittenden's highly-caffeinated blog on the issue of guilty pod syndrome. Click here to read....

* Check out SWR Editor Guy Crittenden’s highly-caffeinated blog on the issue of guilty pod syndrome. Click here to read….

For the morning’s automatic beverage-brewing fans, Mississauga-based Mother Parkers has debuted a single-serve tea pod it says will be recyclable in about 75 per cent of Ontario cities.

Oft-criticized for their landfill-ready design, the popular tea and coffee pods used in automatic brewing machines like Keurig and Tassimo have left many users feeling guilty that the plastic pods couldn’t be recycled.

But the tides are turning. 

Mother Parkers says its new EcoCup capsules are initially available for loose-leaf tea in Keurig brewers, with coffee pods expected to be available by 2015. Loose-leaf tea brands include Higgins & Burke and Numi, coming in the summer.

“While other companies are aiming to offer recyclable capsules by 2020, our EcoCup capsule launch for loose-leaf tea is the first step in making this a present-day reality. In just months we’ll reach our next milestone of bringing EcoCup to single-serve coffee,” says Bill VandenBygaart, VP of business development.”

Other eco-minded coffee lovers using products from Keurig have ventured into the reusable pod market, such as the My K-Cup from Keurig. The reusable pod offers users the chance to use whichever blends of coffee they prefer, then simply wash it the pod out for reuse in the automatic brewer.