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MMBC INFOGRAPHIC: What can be recycled?

Courtesy of the Ridge Meadows Recycling Society, here is a handy infographic that details what can and can't be accepted for curbside pickup under B.C.'s new recycling program.

Courtesy of the Ridge Meadows Recycling Society, here is a handy infographic that details what can and can’t be accepted for curbside pickup under B.C.’s new recycling program.

The main things MMBC is asking residents to do for the new program are:

  1. Place all plastic wrap and grocery bags into one bag and tie the top. This will keep soft plastic wrap, film & bags separate from the hard plastic (bottles, etc.) and make it easier for our Sorters.
  2. Take lids off ALL glass bottles and jars. Plastic lids go in the pink bag or labelled tote, metal lids go in the red bag or labelled tote.
  3. We are phasing out the green bag/tote. All green bag/tote items (office paper, magazines, etc.) may now be placed in the blue bag/tote (newspaper).
  4. As before, please flatten ALL cardboard and wash & squash all containers to enable our drivers to fit more recycling in the trucks!
  5. Note that styrofoam, lightbulbs, books, paint (cans and aerosol), and other metal are ONLY accepted at the Maple Ridge Recycling Depot, NOT curbside. The Depot is located at 10092 – 236th Street, just off River Road in the Albion Industrial Area.

New Accepted Items:
plastics #3, 6, & 7,
aerosol cans (MUST be empty, NO paint cans),
aseptic (tetra-pak style) soup cartons,
paper coffee cups

NOT Accepted:
multi-layered chip bags & dog food bags,
broken cups or dishes,
waxed cardboard,
padded envelopes,
plastic or foil gift wrap,
paper towels,
tissue paper

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3 Comments » for MMBC INFOGRAPHIC: What can be recycled?
  1. E says:

    Hi! I’m surprised that plastic #7 is being accepted, since a whole ton of different types of plastics fall under that category.

    Is this correct?

    Does it include compostable plastics?


  2. BB says:

    This infographic may be true to Maple Ridge, but it does not represent all communities in BC. For example, many area will not collect glass at curbside as when it breaks it contaminates the rest of the recyclables, therefore making the whole load garbage.

  3. Leanne Koehn says:

    I work with Ridge Meadows Recycling and while we are thrilled to see our infographic online, BB is correct, the information is specific to Maple Ridge as each municipality in BC is working with MMBC to develop their own program. More information on items collected under Multi Materials BC’s recycling program can be found at

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