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Durham sets world record for battery recycling

Durham, Ontario is the new world champion battery recycler, regional officials say.

Durham, Ontario is the new world champion battery recycler, regional officials say.

During a 24-hour period over November 14 – 15, 2012, officials say 5,120 kilograms of spent batteries were collected at Durham Region’s Waste Management Centre.  

Regional officials say they will submit evidence of the collection feat to Guinness World Records.

“On behalf of The Regional Municipality of Durham, I am proud to say we are leaders in waste diversion and now we have the world record to prove it,” said Roger Anderson, Regional Chair and CEO, in a November 16, 2012 statement to media. “Every municipality participated in today’s collection, so it truly is Durham’s record.”

Durham Region began a curbside battery recycling pilot program earlier in November. The program allows Durham residents who receive curbside collection services the opportunity to place their unwanted, intact, single-use household batteries in specially-designed battery bags and put them at the curb on top of blue box materials during special collection weeks offered twice per year during daylight savings time.   

“This is a great achievement, made possible by the efforts of local residents to increase Durham Region’s diversion rates,” said Cliff Curtis, Commissioner of Works. “Thanks to everyone who helped to contribute to the recycling program and made this new world record a reality.”

The Region of Durham’s Battery Recycling Pilot Program, “Batteries Dead? Recycle Instead!” is part of Orange Drop, a program operated by Stewardship Ontario. For more information on this pilot program or other waste initiatives, please visit