SPI launches Zero Net Waste program

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This program is polar opposite to a Zero Waste program and a circular model through the promotion of destructive disposal such as incineration. A true Zero Waste model eliminates the incineration of discards as an easy solution and focuse on waste prevention and product redesign. Burning plastics is the worst thing for the environment and SPI should be facing a lawsuit for promoting this. When we burn plastics we add harmful toxins into the air such as chlorine and possibly bromine and many other chemical compounds which are found in many plastics today.

Jamie Kaminski more than 1 year ago

Zero "Net Waste" Program

If this is a serious Zero Waste initiative, is this organization calling for a ban on single use throw away plastic shopping bags? has this organization called for a No Burn for any plastics, for anything for that matter?

is this a genuine Zero Waste group or another "fake" Zero Waste group?


Buddy Boyd more than 1 year ago

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