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biosolid compost

Every entity connected to a sewer pipes its hazardous waste into sewage treatment plants, which are not designed to treat these chemicals, so they end up in biosolids. For a partial list see In addition, the actual process of removing pollutants from sewage creates superbugs which can proliferate in cool and moist climates So to call this pollutant-rich waste mixture "organic" deceives consumers for whom that term means free from industrial chemicals. Organics that can safely be composted include food scraps, grass clippings, leaves, brush, clean wood, some plant-detrives food processing by-products, and food soiled paper products--but not biosolids whether Class A or Class B.

Over a hundred environmental organizations– many concerned with sustainable farming practices–oppose growing crops and having live stock graze on land treated with biosolids. Among them are the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Rodale Institute, the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, Western Growers, the National Farmers Union, The Food Rights Network, and the Organic Consumers Association. All of these organizations depend on impartial scientific information to form their policy position.
For facts, rather than myths. See

Caroline Snyder 205 days ago

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