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Diamond Packaging announces landfill-free status

Source: Daily News | 2014-09-16
New York-based Diamond Packaging, which helps box products for clients like Bausch & Lomb, Estée Lauder, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal and Procter & Gamble, has claimed to have reached landfill-free status.

California on verge of state-wide bag ban

Source: Daily News | 2014-09-03

TerraCycle, Keurig team up for coffee pod recycling pilot

Source: Daily News | 2014-08-26
*Editor’s Note: TerraCycle is profiled in the cover story of the August/ September 2014 edition of Solid Waste and Recycling magazine.

WRONG #: Phone book makers missing sustainability voicemail

Source: Daily News | 2014-08-12

24th Annual National Compost Conference returns in September

Source: Daily News | 2014-07-29
Four days of Canadian compost tours, presentations and tradeshows are nearly upon us, as the 24th Annual National Compost Conference returns in September 2014 to beautiful East Coast Canada in Halifax.

Progressive Waste teams with StewardChoice in BC EPR venture

Source: Daily News | 2014-07-14
StewardChoice Enterprises Inc. and Progressive Waste Solutions Ltd. have announced a collaborative agreement under a proposal to expand producer-funded collection and recycling services for packaging and printed paper in British Columbia.

UPSTREAM forms national green advisory council

Source: Daily News | 2014-06-24
US-based green research, policy and educational organization UPSTREAM has added an advisory council.

Quebec groups team to boost carton recycling rates

Source: Daily News | 2014-06-24
Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) and the Carton Council of Canada (CCC) have signed an agreement to help increase curbside recycling rates for shelf-stable cartons and gable-top cartons.

Montreal renews polystyrene recycling pilot

Source: Daily News | 2014-06-24

Retailers dropping bag fees after complaints

Source: Daily News | 2014-06-16
When it comes to answering that modern moral query at the checkout, “Do you need a bag?” the retailers that first pushed for sustainability in the form of plastic bag fees are again turning to convenience, leaning on the motto that...