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Newfoundland to hire consultant for organic waste

Newfoundland officials say they plan to hire an environmental consultant to deal with the province’s organic waste.

Newfoundland officials say they plan to hire an environmental consultant to deal with the province’s organic waste.

Once a consultant is selected through a request for proposal (RFP) process, the review will include options for waste streams such as residential, institutional and commercial. The consultant will also make recommendations for the types of technology or systems for processing, types of facilities, capital and operating costs, and impacts on current waste collection.

According to a December 2012 announcement, Newfoundland’s Minister of Environment and Conservation, Tom Hedderson, said the province’s landfills get 300 tonnes of organic waste every day. That equates to more than 30 per cent of the province’s wastestream.

“The breakdown of organics in landfills creates large amounts of methane, one of the most potent greenhouse gasses responsible for global warming,” Hedderson said in the announcement. “It is critical we find solutions for managing organics in our continued effort to reduce waste by our goal of 50 per cent and help reduce global warming.”

The Provincial Solid Waste Management Strategy aims to reduce the amount of materials in Newfoundland landfill sites by 50 per cent. The strategy is meant to encourage residents of Newfoundland to participate in waste diversion programs such as recycling and composting.

Significant progress has been made in the management of organic waste nationally and internationally in North America in recent years, the government said. The government just needs to get on board.

“There are also organic waste management practices already happening in Newfoundland and Labrador,” said the province’s Minister of Municipal Affairs, Kevin O’Brien, in the same announcement. “We are asking proponents to also take these activities in consideration as they develop a provincial plan.”

The strategy also aims to reduce the total number of waste disposal sites by 80 per cent, eliminate open burning of waste at disposal sites, and phase-out incinerators and unlined landfills. Full implementation of the strategy is on target for 2020.

A total of $145.3 million has been invested in the strategy in Newfoundland.  That total consists of $82.8 million from the provincial government and $62.5 million from federal gas tax funding.

Information on the Provincial Solid Waste Management Strategy can be viewed at:

The RFP requirements may be obtained by emailing a request to, from Tendering and Contracts, Ground Floor, East Block, Confederation Building, or by phone at 709-729-3786, or fax at 709-729-6729.