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New fire suppression system from Tyco

Fire suppression solutions company, Tyco Fire Protection Products, has introduced the ANSUL brand CHECKFIRE 110 Electronic Detection and Actuation System.

Fire suppression solutions company, Tyco Fire Protection Products, has introduced the ANSUL brand CHECKFIRE 110 Electronic Detection and Actuation System.

Designed for mobile equipment operating in harsh environments, the CHECKFIRE 110 system keeps operators informed of potential fire hazards and enables advanced fire suppression if flames occur, helping protect vital assets such as personnel, property and productivity for industries, including forestry and waste management/recycling.

“CHECKFIRE 110 provides a single-zone detection and actuation system for customers that want highly customizable fire suppression solutions that are easy to install and service, and integrate seamlessly with their mobile equipment,” says Mark Neumann, director of pre-engineered systems for Tyco. “With this product our customers can reduce costly downtime and repairs and instead focus on successful and safe operations.”

CHECKFIRE 110 integrates seamlessly with industry-leading ANSUL brand fire suppression systems, including the LVS Vehicle Fire Suppression System, which utilizes a wet chemical agent that provides both fire suppression and superior cooling of superheated surfaces while blanketing the fuel and cutting off oxygen to help prevent reflash; and the A-101 Fire Suppression System that uses FORAY dry chemical agent for Class A, B, and C fires.

“This product strengthens our comprehensive suite of premier ANSUL fire detection and suppression systems, building on more than 50 years of proven industry leadership,” says Neumann. “At Tyco, we continue to innovate our offerings to match the evolving needs of the industries we serve.”

CHECKFIRE 110 features supervised circuits with color-coded, plug-and-play connectors for easy installation and servicing, programmable or manual activation settings for greater customization to specific operational needs, and LED system status indicators that make it easy for operators to monitor information and react quickly to a fire event. The product is compact with two mounting options – flush or bracket – to fit any machinery design and reduce bulkiness.

Additionally, two forms of reliable detection that can be used individually or in combination. Linear detection is ideal for wide-ranging, larger hazard areas. Spot thermal detection is best for targeting a specific hazard in a smaller area.

The ANSUL brand promises a full range of quality fire protection solutions — from automatic detection and suppression systems to a complete line of wheeled and hand portable fire extinguishers and more. Plus, our extensive network of Authorized ANSUL Distributors provides factory-trained professionals to serve our customers virtually anywhere in the world.

For more information about the CHECKFIRE 110 system, please click here.

Animated video of the CHECKFIRE 110 in action can be found here.

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