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Ontario waste-to-energy plant buys UK technology for $36.8 million

[See how the Gasplasma technology works in the slideshow above]

The owners of a proposed waste-to-energy facility in the Port of Hamilton, Ontario, have inked a $36.8-million deal to use technology from UK-based fuel energy company Advanced Plasma Power (APP).

Port Fuels & Materials Services Inc. will use APP’s Gasplasma technology from southwest England to efficiently process up to 170,000 tonnes of waste annually to power the Canadian electricity grid.

The 20 megawatt waste-to-energy facility will produce high quality synthetic gas that can be used in highly-efficient gas engines to generate power. However, the facility is still awaiting final approval, according to a June 9, 2014 announcement of the deal.

Bob Clark, project head for the Port Fuels & Materials Services venture, said the synthetic gas solution is one of the best examples available on the international market.

“The unique combination of gasification and plasma arc technology makes APP’s Gasplasma solution the most efficient on the market today,” says Clark. “Consequently, the project will enable a significant step forward towards greater resource efficiency in the region and will respond to the huge pressures on existing waste infrastructure.”

APP describes the Gasplasma technology as a two-stage advanced conversion process.

“It combines two long-standing and well-proven technologies (gasification and plasma conversion) in a unique configuration. After the removal of valuable recyclates, the Gasplasma process treats a wide range of non-recyclable feedstocks produced from residual municipal solid waste and commercial/industrial waste converting them all into two high value outputs: a clean, high quality, energy-rich synthesis gas and a solid, vitrified product (Plasmarok) – each with multiple applications. Gasplasma offers a genuinely game-changing solution for a zero-waste future.”

In April 2014, concerns arose over the project’s public consultation meeting being scheduled prior to the Easter long weekend. For those who see environmental concerns with the facility, it had appeared as an attempt to avoid the spotlight — a claim that Clark has denied, noting that he welcomes any discussion about the facility.

The project is set for Hamilton’s Pier 15 area, and will be leased on land owned by the Hamilton Port Authority.

The waste-to-energy facility will also mark the first time APP’s technology has been applied on such as large scale.

“This landmark deal is a significant milestone for the commercialization of the Gasplasma technology,” says Rolf Stein, CEO of APP, in a statement. “Furthermore, for the Port of Hamilton, it allows local waste to be treated as a valuable resource delivering a source of low-carbon energy generation.” 

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2 Comments » for Ontario waste-to-energy plant buys UK technology for $36.8 million
  1. Brian T. Gman says:

    What really grinds my gears is the location of this project…why north end Hamilton? The area had already had its teeth kicked in what with the Steel mills laying off thousands of people…property values have suffered enough.

    Why not try pulling this game in rural Ancaster?

  2. gary albrecht says:

    I love this kind of ideas i hope it was a young person who thought of this

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