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Cayman Islands issues RFP for national waste strategy

The Cayman Islands Ministry of Health, Sports Youth & Culture is looking for contract bids related to an integrated solid waste management system.

The Cayman Islands Ministry of Health, Sports Youth & Culture is looking for contract bids related to an integrated solid waste management system.

Both a waste management consultant and a financial consultant are required for the contract, which includes the preparation of a National Waste Management Strategy based on an outline business case that details procurement support.

Interested firms are required to meet the eligibility criteria which are included as PASS/ FAIL issues in the evaluation section of the tender documents. Particular attention will be paid to prior experience and the consultants’ technical capability to complete the work. Particular attention will be paid to the provision of an integrated service by the consultancy team.

Tender documents can be collected in person at the Cayman Islands Public Lobby Reception Counter, Government Administration Building, 133 Elgin Avenue, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Alternatively, proponents may gain electronic access to the Tender ftp site by completing the application form here.

Proponents should carefully review the tender documents and include the method of communications during the RFP period, the information and deliverables required to be submitted, and the assessment criteria and evaluation methodology.

The Tender Bond required from prospective tenderers, at tender document pick up, or upon application to the ftp site, shall be in the sum of CI$5,000 (US $5,952.38) made out to The Cayman Islands Government and marked with tender no CTC/13-14/HSY&C/028. The acceptable forms of payment for the tender bond are by local cheque, or by bank draft. Tenderers who submit a compliant Tender shall have their tender bonds returned to them un-cashed. The Tender Bond will be forfeited for those persons who do not submit a substantive Tender.

Potential proponents are reminded that a tender bond needs to be paid to the Ministry to become a registered proponent with regards to this project. Accordingly, the RFP document will only be available either by hard copy from the reception at Government Administration Building (upon payment of the required tender bond), or, via electronic ftp access, once the relevant form “Application to Access Tender Documents Electronically by Proponents” is submitted, and the bond paid. The form can be located here:

The RFP will only be disbursed, and tenders will only be considered, upon payment of the required bond. Tender Form 001 “Confirmation of Receipt of Tender Documents” must be submitted within 7 days of collection of the RFP document. Potential proponents should be advised that should they fail to register and pay the bond, their tenders will not be assessed.

The Tender Forms, and all other documents forming the Tenderer’s Proposal, shall be returned contained in hard copy and CD, in plain packaging which does not bear the name of the Tenderer, by 12 noon on Wednesday, 16 July 2014. Tenders shall be returned to the Treasury Booths in the Public Lobby of the Government Administration Building;

Tenders should be addressed to:

Tender no CTC/13-14/HSY&C/028- Solid Waste Management

The Secretary

Central Tenders Committee

Government Administration Building

133 Elgin Avenue, George Town

Grand Cayman, KY1-9000

Direct tender responses in electronic format are not admissible. The tenderer’s proposal shall be submitted in hard copy and CD as confirmed in the RFP document.

Communications during Tender Period; Tenderers shall communicate with the Senior Responsible Officer SOLELY utilizing the Tender Administration Forms included in the Tender Documents (See Appendix B). Tenderers are requested to submit any and all questions at least seven days prior to the tender return date utilizing the Tender Administration Forms. The requests for information, responses and addendums shall be transmitted by e mail. Late Tenders will be received by the CTC and returned without assessment; CIG will not defray any cost incurred by Tenderers in the preparation of Tenders: CIG is not obligated to accept any or the lowest Tender; The Tender Process and the Tenders shall be subject to the Freedom of Information Legislation.

TENDER no CTC/13-14/HSY&C/028.

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  1. Another Consultant says:

    Only US$6000 for the privilege to submit a proposal on a solid waste strategy project? How appealing.

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