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Natural Gas workshops return across Canada

GO WITH NATURAL GAS Information Hubs are returning in June 2014. 

GO WITH NATURAL GAS Information Hubs are returning in June 2014. 

Originally launched in November 2014 to deliver fact-based information, education materials, access to resources, and fleet workshops across the country, the Hubs are back again.

The Hubs are jointly financed by the government of Canada ecoENERGY for Alternative Fuels Program and by the Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance and provide a single point of contact for fleets.

The next workshop will take place in Moncton, New Brunswick on June 11, 2014. There will be nine additional workshops: two workshops will take place in Ontario in the fall, one in Hamilton and another in Oshawa. On those occasions, the theme and agenda will revolve around understanding the economics of natural gas vehicles.

The workshops look at why to use natural gas instead of diesel, how natural gas engine technologies have improved, what are the engines available today and coming to the market soon, what are the requirements for fuel storage, what the refueling options are and what the economic and environmental benefits of switching to natural gas are, among several others.

The Hubs provide information and connects fleet managers with their peers who are already using natural gas vehicles to offer real world experiences and lessons learned.

For additional information, the Hubs can be reached by phone at a unique number (1-844-242-8485) or by email at, or at .