Solid Waste and Recycling is published bi-monthly for more than 8,000 print subscribers and biweekly for nearly 7,000 online. Our coast-to-coast readers are processing, hauling, reclamation, and disposal facility owners, operators, and maintenance professionals; collection, sorting, and disposal labourers; association executives and members; government workers and policy makers; government and business purchasing agents; crafters of legislation and regulation; advocates of the environment; and, on-the-ground professional field workers.

SW&R readers are the future of the industry—they are buying, trading, maintaining, and investing in the facilities, equipment, and technology that drives progress. They care about efficiency, productivity, economy, and the environment, and they are driven to learn all they can about hauling, transportation, alternative fuel vehicles, disposal equipment and accessories, recycling MRF equipment, composting, materials handling, waste-to-energy, and all other areas of this diverse and dynamic industry. 

2017 Editorial Calendar

February / March 

  • Hauling / Transportation
  • Fuel and Maintenance
  • Natural Gas Vehicles

Editorial Deadline: January 6
Ad booking: January 25
Press-ready Ad Due: January 27

April / May

  • Disposal
  • Safety
  • Front Lines

Bonus Distribution: WasteExpo 
Editorial Deadline: March 1
Ad booking: March 29
Press-ready Ad Due: March 31

June / July

  • Construction Waste
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Stewardship

Bonus Distribution: RCBC Conference 2017
Editorial Deadline: April 28
Ad booking: May 26
Press-ready Ad Due: May 31

August / September

  • Composting
  • Biodegradation
  • Recycling Innovation

Bonus Distribution: Compost Council of Canada Conference
Editorial Deadline: June 28
Ad booking: July 26
Press-ready Ad Due: July 28

October / November

  • Technology
  • Alternative Energy
  • Waste to Energy

Bonus Distribution: RCA 2017 Conference, Waste & Recycling Expo Canada
Editorial Deadline: August 30
Ad booking: September 18
Press-ready Ad Due: September 20

December 2017 / January 2018

  • Materials Handling
  • Facility Innovations
  • Market Outlook

Editorial Deadline: October 23
Ad booking: November 28
Press-ready Ad Due: November 30

*All deadlines are subject to change without notice