And who can blame them? For years, the world has been shipping all sorts of waste to China for it to be sorted, made into new products, and shipped back to us. more

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John Mullinder

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When Ontario released the final version of its waste strategy six months ago, dealing with the future financing of the province’s popular Blue Box program was at the backend of the queue. more

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In part two of a three-piece series on the Circular Economy, authors Paul van der Werf @allfoodisfood and Peter Hargreave @phargreave discuss the circular economy, its implications, and its end value. more

Sep 3, 2017 3:45 PM , Columns

John Mullinder

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The Circular Economy (CE to some) has become something of a buzzword of late, just like sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) before it. Good intentions, but a lot of public relations too. more

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CWRE 2016

Messe Frankfurt

If there is one great truth about trade show success it is that not all displays are created equal. Although size doesn't necessarily make or break success, there is a direct correlation between effort and effectiveness. more

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