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Point One Media Inc.
PO Box 11, Station A, Nanaimo, BC V9R 5K4 Canada
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Publisher - Lara Perraton lperraton@pointonemedia.com
Editorial - Jessica Kirby jkirby@pointonemedia.com
Sales & Marketing - Christina Tranberg ctranberg@pointonemedia.com

Our Team

Lara Perraton, Publisher
1.877.755.2762 ext 1407 • 250.714.4973
Lara has honed her publication operations expertise over 20+ years with Point One Media. Helping it blossom from its beginning in 1995, Lara has intimate knowledge of the company, its strengths, and its resiliency in each of its markets. Lara has a diverse skill set including website development, publication design and pre-press, editorial management, graphic design, and printing. She spearheads the publication division with enthusiasm and drive, while her professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction continually shine in Point One Media's high-quality publications.

‚ÄčLara spends her free time training her four-legged super-hero, Max the Boston bulldog (aka the Boston Bullet), to traverse tunnels and leap tall hurdles in a single bound with high-intensity agility lessons. She also rides the waves of inner peace on her paddle board with Max and is aspiring to leap tall hurdles of her own as she eases into the joy (and pain, let's be real!) of trail running and crossfit.

Jessica Kirby, Editor
Jessica Kirby has wielded a red pen and typewriter in newspaper and magazine publishing for more than 20 years. Her focus on trade publishing began with Point One Media in 2007, and has grown into an infinite quest to represent tradespeople's stories and images to the highest potential. Her commitment to preserving and promoting the voices of her subjects and to refining text with sharp-shooter accuracy is a testament to her genuine passion for the trades.

When not at work, you can find Jessica traversing the West Coast wilderness in her trail runners or on her mountain bike or teaching her homeschooled kids how to MacGyver DYI projects and blow stuff up. She also thoroughly enjoys sipping craft beer with her hubby, and revelling in delicious moments of solitude with a good book. 

Christina Tranberg, Account Manager
1.877.755.2762 ext 1408 • 250.667.0401
Christina joined Point One Media in January, 2014, bringing with her enthusiasm, dedication, and a true zest for sales and marketing. Christina's expertise in creating meaningful, creative, and customer-focused sales programs is proven every day as happy clients join our team. With her excellent customer service skills and down-to-earth approach, Christina ensures every business engaged with Point One Media has its best interests and individual needs at the centre of its plan. We know you'll agree Christina's approach is a breath of fresh air for sales and marketing. 

You can often find Chrissy somewhere between the warm decadence of Moksha yoga and the crisp, ethereal beauty of West Coast nature. She loves her life as a foodie, creating and sampling delicious, healthy food, which of course is incomplete without fine wine. Chrissy might be our resident Flower Child, no sooner shaking hands than hugging you, but if you want to talk dogs or hockey, she's your gal.