Six Waste Conversion Technologies You Should Know



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Outdated Article and Data

The article is very important in terms of identifying the current cross roads many solid waste managers, municipalities and industry are at in terms of Waste Conversion Technologies. However, the data outlined is five years out of date and can mis-lead readers about the current state of the Waste Conversion Technology industry. Plasma Gasification for example has several commercial operational facilities processing waste. In addition, the temperatures and outputs relate to hazardous waste systems and not MSW systems. Modern, proven MSW enhanced plasma gasification systems operate in the 800-1500 degree C range, and can achieve upwards of 40% energy efficiency. Those are industry leading numbers. I would point to the CHO-Power facility in Morcenx, France for an prime example. Given the importance of this transformational juncture for solid waste management for everyone, accurate, up to date information is critical. Stakeholders should ensure they read the date of reports before assessing the information provided given the rapidity of technological evolution in these exciting Waste Conversion Technology times for integrated solid waste management.

Gord Helm 351 days ago

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