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MOTHER PARKERS: Coffee pod market explores recyclability

* Check out SWR Editor Guy Crittenden's highly-caffeinated blog on the issue of guilty pod syndrome. Click here to read....
Apr 15, 2014

WDO pursues dispute resolution over Stewardship Ontario-CSSA agreement

Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO) says it continues to have concerns over Stewardship Ontario (SO) pursuing a management agreement with the Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance Inc. (CSSA), a move WDO says violates existing program agreements.
Apr 15, 2014

Battery recycling standard in works for Ontario

Two of Ontario’s largest waste management organization are working together to develop an end-of-life single-use battery recycling standard that will include definitions and a method for calculating battery recycling efficiency.
Apr 14, 2014

NETHERLANDS: Waste Management Trade Mission set for fall 2014

Do you want to find out how the Dutch essentially put zero waste into their landfills?  
Apr 8, 2014

VIDEOS: City of London builds waste video catalogue

The City of London has quietly built itself up a collection of nearly 30 YouTube videos that explore waste and sustainability in the southwestern Ontario city.
Apr 8, 2014

Emterra sets collection service record for 2013

Winnipeg’s solid waste and recycling collection by Emterra Environmental reached a milestone performance level for 2013, despite having to contend with a record-breaking winter. 
Apr 1, 2014

Machinex to upgrade UK MRF, double processing speed

EDITOR’s NOTE: Machinex and its recycling equipment are profiled in the Cover Story section of the April/May 2014 edition of Solid Waste & Recycling magazine. Watch for it! 
Apr 1, 2014

Orillia hosts zero waste conference at Lakehead

In summer 2014, a unique Zero Waste Conference will be held in Orillia, Ontario to look at accelerated waste solutions and share a number of successful waste diversion strategies. 
Mar 24, 2014

Blue Box arbitration goes public

The public will be privy to the negotiation process for determining payment obligations to municipalities under Ontario’s 2014 Blue Box program, an arbitrator has ruled.
Mar 24, 2014

WDO: Battery stewardship decision by June 2014

The Board for Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO) is set to make an official decision before June 18, 2014 about Call2Recycle Canada’s industry stewardship plan (ISP) to recycle Ontario’s single-use batteries.
Mar 18, 2014

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